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About Us
Is it possible to receive high quality product and retain attractive price for final consumer in the same time? For us it's simple. In MENII we combine high technology production with extraordinary care for preserving fully natural composition of our products. For our clients we provide service such as fruit mousses production. We offer comprehensive service starting from products preparation – study on recipe, ordering microbiological and storage test, basic production, storage of goods. We own Just! Mousse brand – under which we offer natural fruit mousses in different tastes. Our mousses can be purchased all over the Poland. Creating MENII we set ourselves a goal to supply our clients with fully natural fruit desserts with unique taste valour. We invite You to acquaint with our Quality Policy.
The Beginnings
MENII was founded in 2010. From the very beginning of it's existence we consequently realize strategy of industrialized cuisine, what means creating foodstuffs with homemade taste valor – just taste, just healthy, just natural. In 2012 we created JUST! Brand. From the very beginning company invest in new technologies, which allows us to manufacture highest quality products in attractive prices. Technological process is under strict control and we use only carefully selected natural raw materials. MENII is a company which is aware of it's potential and consequently takes advantage of it. That is why our offer is developed id directions determined by market tendencies and clients' preferences, what is our strategy's basic rule.